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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nearly a year since I last entered anything here - a lot of things have happened since. We got an extension to the house, and a dog and we have been away again skiing to Alpe D'Huez. The knee is standing up ok so far, although I am aware it isn't quite as good as it was before and after the last couple of days skiing it ached a little. Still I was able to do all I wanted with it so I can't complain. Next skiing holiday is Xmas 08 to Les Deux Alpes - some reprobate booked one of the rooms in our chalet in Alpe D'Huez so we couldn't go back there this time

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's one year to the day since my knee surgery - so was it successful? Well, it's stable for everyday activity (but then it was before the op), I've been skiing on it without problem (in an ACL brace) - is it any better! I think it is - that's not to say it is perfect, as I get the occasional sensation that it is "moving" a bit more than it did before, and it does ache a bit at times but then so does the other knee. I have been exercising over the past year, maybe not as much as I had planned or hoped and maybe not as much as I should have, but I still feel it was the right decision, and I think it will continue to improve - it's only three months since I was allowed to go skiing so I fervently believe that it will be even better next year for skiing - Alpe D'Huez here I come in March!
P.S - my current blog is still but seeing as this blog started off with my cruciate tear, I felt it appropriate to celebrate the first anniversary.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This was my first blog - I have succumbed to the lure of Blogger now so my current blog is at

Maybe some day I will return to here - who knows

Friday, March 16, 2007

Well one year since my last skiing holiday and we are off tomorrow morning early to Alpe D'Huez again. There is a good amount of snow there - around the average for the last 13 years according to the Ski Club of Great Britain website. It has been pretty warm over the last week so it may be hard and fast on the piste but the really good news is that it is due to snow on Monday - our 2nd day on the slopes - so we could have fresh powder snow next week - now I am hoping that it clears up after it snows so we don't have 5 days of low visibility limiting the skiing! I don;t ask for much do I - only perfect conditions.
The other big question is will my knee stand up to the strain after being fixed last June. I plan to be gentle on it to start with, but if there is buckets of fresh powder I may find it difficult to avoid getting stuck in. Here's hoping that either the repair is solid or I'm careful or lucky or something.

Friday, March 02, 2007

It's been snowing this week in France again - 50cms a few days ago. So I'm hoping for good conditions in 2 weeks time. (unfortunately it has also warmed up a bit in the last couple of days, so the snow is a bit heavy currently - doesn't bother me cos I'm not skiing at the minute, but It would be good if it kept on snowing or at least snowed somewhere around the 10th - 17th March so we have fresh snow when we arrive!)
The other question is how my knee is doing - well whether it is the prospect of being away on the slopes or the convenience of the new gym, I have been able to get training 2 or 3 times a week for the last couple of weeks so I am getting fitter and my right leg muscles are nearly up to the uninjured leg level - so I am hoping they will manage alright with 6 days exercise. I am a little anxious about skiing on the repaired leg - even though I skied fine with it last year in a brace (which I plan to use again by the way), there is a faint worry that my leg will fail either due to it being weak or due to an inadvertent fall. It's okay falling last year with a deficient cruciate, cos I couldn't tear it if it was already gone, but I don't want to tear the repair because I think that would be it - not much chance of another repair I suspect! So I may be a bit careful and may limit what I have a go at - unless the snow is really good andI get carried away - metaphorically not literally!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Really good news for the hols in March - it has dumped down a pile of snow in France over the last few days - it was a poor Xmas for snow, and although there was some snow in early Jan and again in the 3rd week of Jan, it was a bit down on the averages for the last few years - so a bit of worry as to whether there would be enough to last till March 17th. This dump will go some way to easing my concern - although I have fervent hoped it will continue to fall, especially in the week beginning the 10th March!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Today I am coping with the after effects of the rugby match yesterday. In case you didn't know, Ireland were pipped at the post by the French - and the best laid plans of a Grand Slam for the boys in green has fallen by the wayside yet again. There are lots of comments out there in cyberspace about why we lost - although everyone agrees that Ireland played well to get back from 13-3 down to a lead of 17-3, les Bleus sneaked a try in the last minute, and maybe it was the bounce of the ball maybe it was loss of concentration, maybe it was down to decisions made earlier in the match. With the benefit of a bit of time, I am disappointed at the loss, but hopeful that we can bounce back - by beating England in 2 weeks and by getting revenge against France in the Rugby World Cup pool games in the autumn - better to win then then now I feel.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Started in a new gym today - I won't go into the reasons why we moved suffice it to say that the management in our previous fitness club showed a distinct lack of awareness and got our backs up, so we left.
Anyway we've moved - it's a good bit more convenient with regard to using the gym facilities, and it's not so expensive. It'll take me a little while to get used to the different equipment - it's all basically similar but the exercise bike has a different maximum so I wasn't sure what to set it at for my training, and I think I set it a bit higher than before. Either that or because I haven't exercised for nearly 2 weeks, I am less fit!! It's now only 5 weeks till the skiing holiday so I had better try a bit harder or I'll be fit for nothing on the slopes.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

For all my good intentions to start to record more of my life events it's still over 3 weeks since my last entry!
How are things going - well I have been to the gym to train (once or twice a week) and I am improving a bit. For the last few days however I have been troubled by pain in my right hip -yes hip rather than my knee so I am a bit concerned that all this one legged knee press exercise has twisted something. Also today at the gym I had to back off quads exercises because of my old retropatellar knee pain - although the good news is that I don't seem to be so tired after 28 mins on the bike. So with a bit of luck I will be able to hold together for a weeks skiing, which is only 7 weeks away today!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well it's just over a year since I tore my cruciate and I was reviewed by my orthopaedic surgeon a few days ago - one year exactly since I first saw him with what we supposed was a simple cartilage tear ( so much for MRI scans!) The final verdict - well I have a little bit of give in the repair, but no more than one would expect so I guess that is a good result. Form a functional point of view I don't get any sensation of instability in the knee, but I do get some pain behind the knee cap especially after any heavy exercise - I'm still trying to build up my knee muscles because the other problem I have is the knee is still a bit weaker than the other. I have been discharged from review - so I guess the surgeons have done all that they can and the rest is up to me and time.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Its another while since I added any notes - but then maybe things aren't dramatically different.
I think I am gradually improving, but not quite as fast as I would like. I still get pain behind my kneecap after a vigorous exercise session, but it seems to be getting less, so maybe more exercise is the right answer. I also find that if I don't exercise regularly, I get pretty unfit, and then I am absolutely exhausted by even the rehab exercise regime on the bike (see earlier entries). I was at the gym today which was the second time this week and it seemed a bit easier - so twice a week should be my minimum frequency, but it is hard to fit it in with so many other things to do, especially coming up to Christmas.
Anyway less than 3 months to skiing, so I had better work hard or I won't be fit to keep up with the kids!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I apologise in advance that I'm going to indulge in a bit of whinging, but I haven't seemed to make much progress in the last while. Main problem is I still have retropatellar pain - so if I load bear on my knee and then bend it more than about 30 degrees it really hurts - so much so that my knee tends to collapse as a reflex reaction. The question is whether this is due to lack of exercise or due to too much exercise loading my knee. I think it is due to maltracking of my patella, and this may be due to a weak vastus medialis (that's the bit of my quads on the inside above my knee). If so, maybe the cure is to exercise more to build up the muscle

Friday, November 17, 2006

The biggest problem I have is finding time to exercise - well no it's actually finding the impetus to exercise. I really need to pull my socks up as currently I am only getting to the gym once (or twice rarely) a week. I should really be getting more training in - both for my rehab process and also to prepare for skiing next March - which is the whole reason behind getting surgery on my knee anyway.
How am I doing - not too bad- my knee aches after an exercise session and I get the odd twinge in it sometimes, but it seems stable and most of the knee pain is retropatellar (that is behind my kneecap) whihc is more to do with wear and tear and age than any cruciate problem - although hammering my knees for 25 years skiing and having a major injury plus 2 arthroscopies probably doesn't help!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Got to the gym this morning before work - and tried the other cycle training regime - "high intensity interval training". Same source as the other, but this one was a bit easier on the old legs. Also did a bit of weights - I had been having a bit of discomfort behind my knee when I was doing hamstring flexes on the machine - the op is supposed to knock off about 15% of hamstring strength, but my right leg is currently working about 50% of the maximum in the good leg. I found it easier today - I think that up till now I have had a bit of reflex inhibition in my hamstring and that may have been part of the problem.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well went to the gym today and tried out the new training schedule given me by my physio. (It is derived from the Tyrone Senior Gaelic football team I think.) I managed to hit the middle of the range for rehab - and it was pretty tiring. I can well understand Louis saying that for me to get to the medium level is reasonable - considering rehab peaks out at 40 to 60 % of max on the bike, while the top is 100% - no way I could manage that in the short to medium term future - if ever!!
The regime follows - if you are interested